Medical technology has become an established part of our day-to-day life. From dental floss through pregnancy tests to pacemakers: nowadays, applications and devices from the medtech sector are no longer the sole preserve of healthcare professionals. Medtech products today are an important part of our economy, accounting for 2.3 percent of Switzerland’s GDP and 5.2 percent of Swiss exports. These figures clearly show the competitive and innovative strength of the Swiss medtech sector.

The presence of leading actors in the medtech sector gives some idea of the huge innovation potential for companies in Northwest Switzerland. Many of the companies that have until now been operating at the interface with classical fields of activity are taking advantage of these opportunities for their further development. And the incorporation of information and communications technologies in the medical sector is also leading to a structural transformation of the medtech sector.

The activities of in the technology field of medtech are focused on the following areas:

  • Active medical devices: these are medical devices that can be externally controlled and programmed. They provide data or support bodily functions. These active devices are used, for example, in patients with hearing problems or loss of eyesight and also for pain relief.
  • Computer-assisted surgery: in the planning, control and execution of surgical procedures, computer science plays an increasingly important role. It allows various imaging techniques, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), x-rays or ultrasound, to be used in order to establish the most precise patient model possible.
  • Diagnostics: whether in information and communications technology, micro and nanotechnology or gene technology: the technological advances of the past few years have brought forth applications that offer support for tackling the challenges faced in the field of diagnosis. Greater test volumes, lower costs and increased reliability are just a few of the examples illustrating the successes achieved in diagnostics.
  • Data-driven health: the use of databases in the healthcare sector open up the field for new applications and services. Personalized medicine, predictive diagnostics and prevention are some of the important catchwords that come to mind here. The targeted evaluation of this data enables us to develop new services that can substantially improve patients’ treatment, care and quality of life. regularly organizes networking and information events on the subject of medical technology, as well as specific Technology Circles on the above-mentioned topics. supports and promotes the regional medtech network, helping to find companies, cooperation and research partners to realize their expansion projects. also supports young entrepreneurs and start-up projects with special individual meetings and expert workshops to present business ideas and establish contact with the medtech community in the Basel region.
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