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Digitalization of the economy continues apace. And with it, markets are opening up for new business ideas. ICT innovations therefore offer not only inventive entrepreneurs and venturesome investors, but also expanding SMEs promising terrain for the successful launch of innovative products and services. At the same time, established companies must equip themselves to adapt and integrate digital developments into their business operations in good time so as not to get left behind.

The invigoration of the economy by digitalization is also shaping the economy in the Basel region. Besides lively and growing start-up activities as well as the sustained expansion of existing businesses, it is especially notable that big industry is also pressing ahead with the digitalization of its business processes and products. Above all in the life sciences the use of information and communications technology promises completely new and very precise therapeutic approaches tailored to the individual patient needs.

The activities of in the ICT technology field are focused in particular on three subject areas:

  • Web technologies: it is now more than 20 years since the comprehensive introduction of internet and web technology, and there is still no end in sight to the dynamic development of this technology. On the contrary, new applications in the fields of Virtual Reality, Big Data, Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Mobile Technology will give an added boost to the penetration of our day-to-day lives by web technology.
  • Digital Business Innovation: As consumers and knowledge workers we are interconnected today and have ever greater computing power at our disposal on increasingly smart end devices. This allows applications and business models that were not yet conceivable 20 years ago. From sharing platforms through crowd sourcing to drones and quantified self, there will be ever more space in future for innovative business concepts.
  • Precision Medicine: To meet the growing challenges in the healthcare sector, there is a need for new approaches to therapy, care and prevention. Through the use of digital technologies, the treatment of patients can be more personalized and its efficacy thus much improved. regularly organizes networking events and workshops on the above focus themes in the ICT technology field. The aim of these events is to promote the exchange of experiences and knowledge between companies and specialists, to inspire them to come up with new ideas and to initialize concrete projects:

  • Webilea: Under this name, maintains a community of more than 500 developers, innovators and entrepreneurs from the Basel region, who meet regularly at networking events to discuss the latest technology and business trends.
  • Precision Medicine Group Basel Area: In the closest collaboration with experts from the life sciences and healthcare industry, maintains a neutral platform with the aim of generating concrete innovation projects and providing support in their realization. Join our LinkedIn group.

Furthermore, provides individual support for innovators and start-up projects in one-on-one discussions and expert workshops for reviewing business ideas and networking within the ICT community of the Basel region.
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