Swiss Excellence in Printed Electronics, the office for promoting innovation and inward investment in northwestern Switzerland and The Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM), a private, non-profit Swiss research and technology organization, have jointly created a technology network with the goal to promote the printed electronics industry and the exchange of know-how with the top players across Switzerland and abroad.


Coruna High Precision Screen Printing machines, Process Development for Multilayer Stack Printing, Micro Gap Printing, Hybrid Electronics, additive Manufacturing for Medical Devices, Textiles.

CSEM Printed & hybrid electronics tech transfer, device & process development, sensors, OPV, OPD, light management solutions.
Folex Functional coatings for improved conductivity and adhesion; thermally stabilized film, specialized in ink jet substrates.
Folien Fischer AG Flexible substrates for printed organic electronics: transparent low hydrolysis/UV blocking, planarised primers, lowest thermal shrink, transparent barrier, scratch resistant, hydrophobic, el. conductive.

NSM Specializes in the developing and manufacturing of laboratory printing und coating machines mainly in the area of Printed Electronics and Security Printing.
Rolic High performance barrier foils and coatings; functional coatings for flexible displays; optical films for light management; advanced materials and solutions for displays, optical and electronical devices.
SEFAR Transparent Conductive Substrate, Transparent Conductive Fabrics for lamination as transparent electrode; R2R compatible technology for lighting and photovoltaic devices; weaving technologies.
TSE Troller

Slot, slide and curtain coating dies for premetered coating. Wet coating methods for full coating area with highest film uniformity. Profound experience in coating technology.


If you are a Swiss company working in the field of printed electronics and interested in joining our network, do not hesitate to contact us.

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