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Allthings ensures that tenants, owners and managers communicate with each other

Allthings ensures that tenants, owners and managers communicate with each other


Allthings cooperates with Garaio REM

Allthings Technologies AG has developed a modular platform for tenants. Now, the Basel company is partnering with Garaio REM AG, a technology partner for property managers. The aim is to guarantee consistent data management.

Allthings Technologies and Bern-based Garaio REM AG have been working together for several years, according to a statement. Now they have signed an official cooperation agreement that has created a standardized interface between the systems of the two IT companies. It gives their joint customers “consistent processes free from media disruption and significant efficiencies in real estate management”.  

With the interface, master data are fed into Garaio REM’s systems, but the data are available “securely and up-to-date” in the Allthings app. For Garaio REM AG, the partnership concerns two systems: REM, which updates the Allthings app once daily, and Garaio REM, which conducts updates in real-time. This allows tenants and management to benefit from the Allthings platform from day one. 

“Standardized interfaces to all leading ERP providers are key to our strategy to provide customers with the most consistent processes possible at the tenant interface,” commented Stefan Zanetti, CEO of Allthings. “Our joint customers benefit from seamlessly integrated systems, which are fully developed and market tested. In Garaio REM, we are delighted to have connected another leading ERP system in Switzerland.” 


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