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Simona Androvicsova and Stefan Reidy, Arviem (img: Dave Joly)

Simona Androvicsova and Stefan Reidy, Arviem (img: Dave Joly)


"Arviem is like the crystal ball of supply chain managers"

Which problem does your company aim to solve?

Simona Androvicsova, Arviem: Arviem answers the need of organizations for more transparency and visibility in their supply chains. The goal of Arviem is to make global trade visible by monitoring the location and condition of goods in transit in real-time. Arviem is like the crystal ball of supply chain managers. We reveal the flow of goods and finances in the supply chain through providing a real-time end-to-end cargo monitoring and supply chain visibility service. Our cargo monitoring platform displays cargo flows through IoT enabled sensor data. We reveal information to our clients to show them where their cargo actually is – and in what condition. We take the mystery out of the invisible supply chain for our clients who are the cargo owners (manufacturers, exporters and importers). Our service includes carrier independent tracking and monitoring service with exceptionally accurate location and quality condition monitoring of cargo throughout the global supply chain.

When and why did you found your company?

Stefan Reidy, Arviem: Prior to starting the company in 2008, I was developing cargo and container tracking solutions at IBM and gained a lot of expertise. I know how crucial logistics management is for business today as with globalization also supply chains have become more global. There is some competition in the market, but no one is offering cargo monitoring and supply chain visibility as a service. I was convinced that our solution would surpass the competition especially because our hassle free service enables our clients to digitalize parts of their supply chain without having to invest into new technologies, hardware or staff.

What does winning the i4Challenge mean to you?

Simona Androvicsova, Arviem: Winning this award is an honour for all the winners. For us it is especially important as even though we have been winning awards abroad, it is great to be acknowledged also closer to home in Switzerland, Germany and France. Further, a company like ours is always depending on making our service and brand known on the market. This award is certainly a way to do so in the region.

What does the term “Industry 4.0” mean to you and why is the topic relevant?

Stefan Reidy, Arviem: Personally, I think whether you call it Industry 4.0 or otherwise doesn’t really matter. It is a terminology used to cover the innovation enabled by new technologies, connected devices, networks of things and Big Data. It indicates how these technologies can bring additional benefits to companies either through automation, process optimization or elimination of inefficiencies from supply chains. It enables companies and solution providers to bring in new business models to solve today’s and future problems with the help of technologies.

What are your plans for your company?

Stefan Reidy, Arviem: We see that the industry is ripe for a dramatic change. Initially, the development of the market has been slow, but the pace of innovation driven by startups is accelerating. We experience a growing interest from shippers, which is the driving force of our operations and innovation activities. We are expanding our service portfolio further by developing new services around our core service (cargo monitoring) and the immense amount of data we collect. We have services around carbon footprint monitoring in logistics or monitoring cargo on the Silk Road. Our newest service is about supply chain financing and working capital optimization. As we are able to provide traceability from container doors closing to doors opening, we enable clients to optimize their financial and physical supply chains by making goods in transit financeable by various financial institutions we are working with.


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