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Grosspeter Tower in Basel (img: Adriano Biondo)

Grosspeter Tower in Basel (img: Adriano Biondo)


Basel-Stadt ranked top for accessibility

According to the BAK Accessibility Index, Basel-Stadt was again one of the most easily accessible Swiss cantons in 2018. This applies to both motorized private transport and public transport connections.

BAK Economics has again analyzed the accessibility of Swiss cantons. The analysis covered both motorized private transport and public transport connections. The cantons of Zurich and Basel-Stadt were again the best performers in terms of motorized private transport. Basel benefits from its easily accessible urban area, while the relative dearth of rural areas means the canton average is not compromised. The cantons of Aargau and Geneva follow behind Zurich and Basel-Stadt.

The canton of Jura has improved its accessibility rating more than any other canton between 2016 and 2018. This improvement is all thanks to the completion of the final sections of the A16. The 84 km-long motorway starts in Biel and stretches all the way to the French border, crossing the Jura mountains in the process. Construction of the motorway lasted three decades.

In terms of public transport, BAK Economics also rates the agglomerations of Zurich and Basel as the most easily accessible regions. BAK Economics collects data for this index on behalf of the cantons of Basel-Stadt, Zurich and Aargau as well as Zurich Airport AG.

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