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Health data. (Img: unsplash/Pixabay)

Health data. (Img: unsplash/Pixabay)


BC Platforms assists UK’s biobanking platform

Data management company BC Platforms has entered into a research cooperation with the University of Nottingham to integrate clinical and genetic data into the UK’s national biobank network.

The UK’s biobanking platform holds data and information from over 150 UK biobanks. The platform is hosted by the University of Nottingham and supported by the recently established research institute Health Data Research UK.

Basel-based BC Platforms has now announced that it has entered into a research collaboration with the University of Nottingham to help integrate clinical and genetic data into the platform. In the future, the platform will incorporate all UK biobanks and could eventually be replicated across European countries wanting to adopt the UK model.

According to BC Platforms, the challenge is how to preserve the security of data while allowing search, discovery and analytics across multiple sources. To this end, BC Platforms will develop an open standard that can be utilized and reimplemented by any accredited third party.

BC Platforms has provided a licence to its search engine to the University of Nottingham and will allow any party in the biobanking platform to develop its own version of the search engine or connector technology based on the open standard. The aim of this new research collaboration is to create the basis for a network that can be further developed by academic groups, technologists and industry via open-source development.


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