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Basel-Stadt is among the most competitive cantons


Basel-Stadt is among the most competitive cantons

The canton of Basel-Stadt is one of the top three most competitive cantons in Switzerland, according to UBS’s latest Cantonal Competitiveness Indicator. It scored particularly well in the areas of innovation, human capital, accessibility and economic structure.

UBS has published its Cantonal Competitive Indicator (CCI) 2018, which provides information on the long-term growth potential of Swiss cantons. The cantons of Zug and Zurich are once again the most competitive cantons in Switzerland. This year, the canton of Basel-Stadt was also among the top cantons, all of which achieved a score of more than 90 points out of 100.

The CCI is based on a comparative analysis of eight pillars or categories of competitiveness. Basel-Stadt came in first place in four of them: innovation, human capital, accessibility and economic structure.

The innovation category looks at indicators such as the number of patent filings, the amount of venture capital investments, as well as the number of successful startups or newly founded companies. The human capital category assesses the level of education of the population. The accessibility category analyses the average time needed to reach airports, universities or regional centres, while the economic structure category takes into consideration the competitiveness and market positioning of the various industries as well as international trade.

According to UBS, the CCI can assist companies or investors in their choice of location. It is also meant to assist cantons prepare themselves as best they can for upcoming challenges.

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