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Intelligent Health in Basel

The world’s leading AI in Medicine Summit, Intelligent Health, takes place in Basel on September 12th and 13th. The event will bring together a unique ecosystem of clinicians, technologists and c-suite executives to create a future where AI can revolutionise health, across oncology, radiology, surgery, genomics and other clinical areas.

The entire global AI health ecosystem will gather, including the biggest national hospitals and health systems in Europe, as well as the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and the top health regulator on AI in the US. Together, they will progress discussions about how AI can be used to prevent and solve some of the world’s greatest healthcare problems.

Innovation is a source of hope

For Lucy Rothwell, Managing Director of Inspired Minds, AI is at the forefront of improving the health of the human race. While ageing populations and increased exposure to chemicals are leading to more and new types of diseases, innovation remains a source of hope as both a curative and preventative solution. Be it the game-changing introduction of antiseptics in the 19th century, be it the use of convolutional neural networks to detect neck tumors effectively in the current day. “We have yet only uncovered the very tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s possible. The next few years and decades are set to be revolutionary in terms of AI’s role in health and life sciences – mainly in areas such as disease detection, radiology and screening, surgery, precision medicine and prediction,” Lucy Rothwell states.

One of the hot topics to be discussed at Intelligent Health AI in Basel is the issue of data and privacy. How to keep the patient’s data safe while the system moves from medical record to AI is a question that is yet unanswered. Furthermore, various AI models have shown better results in tumor detection and tumor size analysis than doctors which begs the question as to how the doctor-machine-collaboration might look like.

The organisators from Inspired Minds decided on Basel based on its reputation as a global life sciences hub, ripe for disruption from tech. Local companies like Roche and Novartis also have shown their support in building Intelligent Health. Further, Foundation Botnar is one of the key partners of the conference. “Lastly, Basel Congress Centre is a great venue that suited our needs,” says Lucy Rothwell, Managing Director of Inspired Minds.

Book your tickets here:
Intelligent Health
September 12th-13th 2018
Congress Center
Basel, Switzerland

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