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Impact Hub Basel


Impact Hub Basel has successfully launched

Startups in the Basel region have a new home: The 2017 established Hubbasel Association is now an official member of the global Impact Hub family. All Impact Hub candidates need to go through a challenging process that can take years, with the official head organization supporting and evaluating the candidates.

In Basel, co-founders Hanna Byland, Connie Low and André Moeri were determined to establish an Impact Hub. While Connie is an expert in sustainability, Hanna is a lawyer and André is a successful entrepreneur. All of them knew Impact Hubs from different cities, enjoyed the spirit and acknowledged the potential for an Impact Hub in Basel with its striving startup scene. Together, they founded an association in early 2017, received the Impact Hub Candidate status last November and now the official Impact Hub membership.

Bundle the forces

“We've got a good number of multinational corporations and at the same time the population here has a heightened sense of responsibility. That combination is unique,” Hanna Byland comments on the region’s economy said in our interview. “There are a lot of players and projects that are pushing in the same direction. We believe that we can bundle these forces more effectively, even on a global level, through the Impact Hub network.” Impact Hub Basel aspires to support social entrepreneurs and sustainable innovators. Through various offers ranging from events and co-working to different ideation, incubation and acceleration programs, the organization aims to promote the interaction between their members and different stakeholders.

Part innovation lab, part business incubator, part community center

In this way, Impact Hub Basel strives to create a highly collaborative ecosystem where innovation and change are encouraged, where access to expert resources, inspiration and knowledge is made easy and where communication and contacts between diverse, skilled people are facilitated. Impact Hub currently resides at the launchlabs at Gundeldingerfeld but a new, permanent space will be ready to move into in 2019.

About Impact Hub

Impact Hub is a global network of over 16,000 members in over 100 hubs in more than 50 countries around the world – and it is continuously growing. The Impact Hubs are part innovation lab, part business incubator, part community center. Their main purpose is to make a positive impact in our world by combining the skills of compassionate, committed and purpose-driven individuals focused on a common purpose.

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