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Stefan Karlen, CEO Panalpina (img: Bosch / Offenblende)

Stefan Karlen, CEO Panalpina (img: Bosch / Offenblende)


Panalpina promotes digital technologies

Basel-based logistics firm Panalpina has launched a new digital hub that will engage with the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and blockchain. The new business unit is tasked with developing new digital solutions and cooperating with startups.

Panalpina Digital Hub is a new business unit reporting directly to CEO Stefan Karlen. It was launched in response to new technologies including the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing and blockchain, all of which have the potential to disrupt the logistics industry in the coming years.

Like many of its competitors, Panalpina is being challenged by new market entrants with innovative business models, said Karlen. “Additionally, our customers increasingly demand the digital experience they have become accustomed to as consumers.” According to Karlen, the future of the transport industry does not lie in new modes of transport but in digital transformation. “Knowing that, we want to shape our industry’s future with innovative digital solutions.” This in turn will accelerate the company’s growth, added Karlen.

The Panalpina Digital Hub will also cooperate with digital startups. “For the moment, we are focusing on European startups of a certain maturity. Further down the road, we will expand our network to the U.S., Israel and China,” said Luca Graf, head of the Panalpina Digital Hub.


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