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Bahnhof Olten (img: Roland Zumbuehl)

Bahnhof Olten (img: Roland Zumbuehl)


Northwestern Switzerland pushes for new Jura tunnel

The Northwestern Switzerland representation in the Upper Rhine Council pushes for a third Jura tunnel. It argues that the tunnel should be part of the 2030/35 expansion plans for railway infrastructure. Northwestern Switzerland is putting international pressure on a third Jura tunnel.

According to the Northwestern Switzerland representation, a third tunnel between Liestal and Olten would make it possible to separate fast long-distance and transit freight transport from regional transport. Without an additional tunnel, regional transport could find itself squeezed out, making the tunnel also of great importance for the entire north-south axis between the North Sea ports and Genoa.

The Northwestern Switzerland Intergovernmental Conference has called on the Federal Council to include the third tunnel in the 2030/35 expansion phase for railway infrastructure, and funds have already been earmarked for preparatory planning in expansion phase 2025.

The Upper Rhine Council, which is composed of regional representatives from Germany, France and Switzerland, already spoke out in favour of the Wisenberg Tunnel in 2006 and 2012. The federal government and the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) in contrast are focusing their railway expansion on the east-west axis in the Central Plateau, rather than the north-south axis.

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