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Basel startup QNAMI wins seed capital


Basel startup QNAMI wins seed capital

QNAMI has won 130,000 Swiss francs in seed capital at the Venture Kick Final. The startup of the University of Basel develops quantum technologies to improve imaging techniques.

QNAMI develops sensors based on the most innovative quantum technologies and synthetic diamonds. Its products facilitate non-invasive magnetic nanoscale imaging in any environment, allowing them to be deployed in fundamental research or early medical diagnosis.

In the electronics industry, QNAMI products can be used for precise error analysis - a field particularly important in the development of new magnetic storage devices. In the medical sector too, the products come to the fore as solutions to shorten scanning time.  

With its applications, QNAMI is seeking to enter the lucrative market for imaging sensors, which is worth 200 million dollars.

“Venture Kick is an excellence programme for startups in Switzerland. For QNAMI, the award is a huge motivation that confirms we are on the right track,” commented QNAMI co-founder Mathieu Munsch.

The Venture Kick funding initiative supports startup companies from great ideas to launch. It is backed by 13 private partners, foundations and companies.

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