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Branch of Innovation Park in Jura

Last year, the Economic Promotion of the Canton of Jura supported 40 companies, which will potentially create up to 264 jobs in the medium term. The canton is also opening a branch of the Switzerland Innovation Park BaselArea.

The canton of Jura is successfully maintaining its policy course of economic diversification. As it reported in a press release, the Economic Promotion department last year supported 40 companies in their projects and this is expected to create up to 264 jobs in total. At 41.3 per cent, the lion’s share was attributable to medtech, life sciences, pharma and cosmetics, followed by IT and telecommunications with 13.6 per cent, as a document of the canton shows. 

Half of the 40 supported projects involved the expansion of existing companies. This will release investment of 10.8 million Swiss francs and is expected to create a total of 45 jobs, 28 of these within a year. In addition, 18 new companies were founded, with associated investment of 19.7 million francs. These new companies hope to establish 153 new jobs, of which 56 will be created within one year. In collaboration with BaselArea.Swiss, two companies were relocated to the canton, with cumulative investment of 32 million and 66 jobs. 

There are also plans to open an offshoot in the Innodel business zone in Courroux of the Switzerland Innovation Park BaselArea, which has its headquarters in Allschwil. This will offer an area of 1,600 square metres, in total. Investments amount to 8 million francs and the work is expected to be completed at the end of this year. The space will then be ready to accommodate its first companies in 2019.

Together with other centres of expertise such as, CreapoleEnergie du Jura and TalentLab, cantonal economic development agencies have supported 115 projects in the past year.

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