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Stefan Karlen, CEO Panalpina (img: Bosch / Offenblende)

Stefan Karlen, CEO Panalpina (img: Bosch / Offenblende)


Panalpina develops logistics of the future

Panalpina CEO Stefan Karlen wants to see freight decide for itself how best to reach its customers. The Basel company is working with Bosch to transform Karlen’s vision for autonomous freight into reality.

Panalpina intends to play a pioneering role in the digitalization of logistics. During an IoT conference in Berlin, Panalpina CEO Stefan Karlen unveiled his vision for the transport of goods.

People’s expectations have changed, according to Karlen. He said customers now expect real-time communication about their delivery – and want to know everything about it, including its temperature.

As a result, smart devices that collect data will soon be everywhere. However, these data alone are not sufficient, according to Karlen. He said: “We need to know immediately if there is a problem and react to it in time.”

Thanks to the Internet of Things, the freight itself could make the best decision in case of problems. It could, for example, inform the pilot if the cargo hold becomes too warm so that temperature can be adjusted, or alert to the fact that a lorry is delayed, allowing the delivery time to be recalculated and adjusted.

Panalpina is working with Bosch to develop solutions and make Logistics 4.0 a reality as quickly as possible.  


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