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Roche in Basel. (Img: Roche)

Roche in Basel. (Img: Roche)


Roche to cooperate with antibody supplier

Basel-based pharmaceutical company Roche will collaborate with the life science online retailer Abcam to allow researchers to order antibodies for research purposes. Roche is making available a portfolio of antibodies.

The British life science e-commerce company Abcam assists researchers in finding suitable antibodies over its online platform. Two-thirds of the world’s 750,000 life science researchers use Abcam’s tools, according to a statement announcing the collaboration with Roche.

Under the terms of their agreement, Roche will give Abcam exclusive rights to the product portfolio of Spring Bioscience Corporation, a U.S. company that the Basel-based pharmaceutical company acquired in 2007. The portfolio, which comprises around 750 antibodies, may be used for research purposes only. Roche will retain the antibody development capabilities and rights for its internal research.

The antibodies will be available on from 21 February 2018.

“This agreement represents an exciting step in the on-going collaborative and long-term relationship between Abcam and Roche,” said Abcam CEO Alan Hirzel.


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