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Patrik Mohler, Managing Partner of ARCUBA Partner AG

Patrik Mohler, Managing Partner of ARCUBA Partner AG


Basel – a welcoming city for expatriates

I am proud of my hometown Basel. Having travelled extensively, I value the benefits of living in a friendly, beautiful, and multi-cultural city.

Although it is a relatively small city by international standards, it appears large in terms of culture, arts, sports, and other leisure offerings. Actually, Basel is often referred to as the cultural capital of Switzerland. It is a truly cosmopolitan city, but retains an authentic Swiss atmosphere. You’ll find historic cobblestone buildings such as the town hall and cathedral, as well as modern glass and steel architecture such as the Novartis Campus and the Vitra museum. In terms of leisure activities, you can watch a soccer game in our beautiful football stadium, or in close proximity you’ll find lakes for swimming or slopes for skiing.
Basel is a safe place to live. The quality of life can easily be compared to that of big cities, but the cost of living is relatively low.

Located on the river Rhine, the city directly borders Germany and France. It is Switzerland’s gateway to the world with fast connections by rail, road, air and sea to all important European and global business centres. Thanks to its favourable geographic position and stable political environment Basel has a dynamic thriving economy with a strong focus on chemical and life science industries, financial and logistics services as well as the health and IT sector.

Whereas English is widely spoken, you hear German, French and many other languages every day. There are international schools, Kindergartens, higher education institutions, and numerous international clubs and cultural associations.

All of the above makes the city very popular with expatriates and their families. Their terms of stay are longer here than in any other city in Switzerland. Reasons are the density and variety of international companies, which makes it easy for expats to find a new job, if they need to change employers. A decisive factor for a quick and successful integration into a new life in Basel is the simultaneous personal accompaniment and support for spouses. The spouse’s happiness is critical to job motivation and productivity of expats. Several companies in the region, such as ARCUBA Partner AG, offer specialized programs to reach out to spouses. Our well-tested Spouse Program helps the spouses of specialists and managers with administrative and organizational support long before they arrive here. 

About the Author:
Patrik Mohler is Managing Partner of ARCUBA Partner AG.
ARCUBA is one of the leading recruitment und HR companies in Switzerland. It offers top solutions for all aspects of HR – professionally and reliably. The Arcuba Partner AG is an experienced and competent partner for all sectors of the economy. It has clients in the health and financial services, the chemical and pharmaceutical, consumer goods, machinery aeronautic, transport, and logistics industry. Since 2017 the company is organizing leadership trainings for women in Switzerland in cooperation with the IMPACT Group (USA). In addition, it offers a spouse program for expatriates.

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