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Health data. (Img: unsplash/Pixabay)

Health data. (Img: unsplash/Pixabay)


BC Platforms supports genome study

The data management company BC Platforms announced that it is cooperating with the FinnGEN programme. The Finnish study plans to examine hundreds of thousands of blood samples to deepen our understanding about the origins of diseases and their treatment.

The FinnGen study will tap into 500,000 blood samples collected by a nationwide network of Finnish bio-banks. BC Platforms has developed various analysis solutions that can support this research. For example, researchers can search for subjects with wanted clinical and genomic profiles, browse initial analyses of the blood samples or propose separate research projects to FinnGen, according to a statement announcing the cooperation.

“FinnGen is a very unique initiative as a similar study has not been performed before,” said Tero Silvola, CEO of the Basel-based BC Platforms. “We are very proud if our technology can be used in this discovery work during the coming years.”

The study is expected to run for six years and has secured funding in the amount of 59 million euros. BC Platforms’ involvement in the project is financed by the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation. 

“The study will, for instance, help us find new areas for drug discovery and ways to prevent disease,” explained FinnGen research director Aarno Palotie.

BC Platforms has set itself the objective of building the world’s leading analytics resource for healthcare and industry by 2020, which will provide access to genomic and clinical data of more than 5 million people. To this end, it is also developing the necessary analysis solutions.

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