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Basel quantum chemist receives multi-million funding


Basel quantum chemist receives multi-million funding

Anatole von Lilienfeld has been awarded a Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council. The quantum chemist at the University of Basel uses artificial intelligence to predict chemical reactions.

The European Research Council (ERC) awards Consolidator Grants to support promising researchers at the beginning of their independent careers. They are given to researchers whose research groups are in the consolidation phase, like Anatole von Lilienfeld at the University of Basel. He has been awarded 2 million euros for his five-year project.

His research is based on machine learning, in which artificial intelligence learns by itself by recognizing patterns and then making predictions. The working group led by von Lilienfeld wants to extend this method and apply it to chemical reactions.

“The models resulting from this project are intended to make it possible to instantaneously create new reaction profiles with high reliability and controlled accuracy,” said the scientist from the Department of Chemistry. Chemists could also use von Lilienfeld’s work to improve the reaction conditions for successful experiments.

The tenure-track scientist is an assistant professor of physical chemistry. He uses computers, quantum chemistry and machine learning in his research on virtual chemical space.

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