Sébastien Meunier

Sébastien Meunier

Director Industrial Transformation and Entrepreneurship

Tel. +41 61 295 50 15

Research Project by Prof. Dr. Philippe Cattin, Head of the Center for medical Image Analysis & Navigation (CIAN)

Research Project by Prof. Dr. Philippe Cattin, Head of the Center for medical Image Analysis & Navigation (CIAN)


VR, AR, mixed – three words for reality

Revolution, tsunami... there are various expressions to describe augmented reality, virtual reality and also mixed reality. The terms are clear for researchers who have been using these technologies for 15 years, but for average users many things will change.

There are more and more examples of their use. In training and art, via remote services, supervision and even tourism or gaming. has started a working group on this topic, organised the latest conference «Showcasing virtual reality in the Basel Region» on 22 November 2017 in Basel and participated actively in the Bimo forum in Delémont on 5 October 2017.

In north-western Switzerland, there are various skills and also for example configurators' projects to help sales (One Inside), time travel to Jacob Burckhardt's office and also expertise in remote maintenance (Actemium Schweiz).

Challenges for these various types of reality:

We have to count on users' acceptance of these technologies. People will need to take ownership of these new tools. Their age and motivation play a key role.

We need training, to teach young people how to programme, to gain the specific skills needed for developing and adapting these technologies to create projects. Such projects should not only digitalise the real world, for example digitalising a shop, but also invent something new, add new solutions, go further. The Basel region is not one where gaming, an industry which is a driving force, has a strong presence; we therefore need to develop other types of projects in industry or tourism, such as i-art at the museum of chocolate.

The visual quality, the addition of other senses such as touch and smell are other areas where significant developments are under way and more expected in future.

Replacing reality is not actuality. Thanks to technology, we can understand faster and better, reduce costs by visualising the results together and therefore demonstrate an economic advantage.


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