Shanghai Biotalk

Shanghai Biotalk


Shanghai Biotalk: From Shanghai to Basel

Around 50 people joined the “Shanghai Biotalk” event on November 8th in Shanghai to discuss strategies and challenges for Chinese pharmaceutical companies entering the European market. Andre Guedel from KPMG stressed the importance of a strategic approach when introducing biopharmaceutical products to Europe. A successful strategy should include all relevant aspects such as reimbursement, target operating model, site selection, taxes and regulatory environment. A big highlight of the event was a keynote by Sammy Jiang, Vice President of Luye Pharma Group. She talked about her company’s global strategy and how Luye Pharma leverages its hub in Basel to expand to the European market. Luye Pharma is one of China’s most innovative and international pharma companies.

With its fragmented market, Europe remains challenging for most Chinese pharmaceutical companies which traditionally focus on the domestic or the US market. Some Chinese pharma companies like Luye Pharma, on the other hand, are positioning themselves to become successful in Europe. Thanks to its vibrant Life Sciences ecosystem, business-friendly environment and proximity to key markets, Switzerland is an ideal location for Life Sciences companies entering Europe, as Gabriel Schweizer of underlined in his keynote. He showed the unique success of Basel’s Life Sciences cluster, which features Europe’s largest and most diversified Life Sciences talent pool. He also pointed out that Switzerland’s ranking as most innovative country in the world is largely owed to the pharmaceutical industry in the Basel region. Felix Moesner, CEO of Swissnex, further elaborated on the role of Innovation in Switzerland and how Swissnex with its broad network supports innovative Swiss companies who are looking for partners or collaboration opportunities in China.

The event was organized by in collaboration with KPMG, Swissnex China and the Fenglin Biomedical Centre.

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