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Solvatec @ Roche Kaiseraugst (img: Solvatec)

Solvatec @ Roche Kaiseraugst (img: Solvatec)


Solvatec installs prize-winning solar energy system

The photovoltaic façade system from Roche in Kaiseraugst in the canton of Aargau has been awarded the Swiss Solar Prize 2017. Solvatec AG from Basel installed the system.

The photovoltaic façade system is the most “powerful PV façade system in Switzerland”, according to a Solvatec statement. The company is proud to have contributed to winning the Swiss Solar Prize 2017 in the category Energy Systems.

Photovoltaic modules covering an area of 2,383 square metres were installed for the façade system. Together with an additional rooftop system, it produces significantly more solar energy than necessary for Roche. After deducting its own use, 529,100 kilowatt hours remain per year. This is enough for 378 electric cars to drive 12,000 kilometres each year.

Solvatec describes the cooperation between the parties involved and the entire project as “an example of perfect Swiss solar architecture”.

In a statement, the Swiss Solar Agency points out that the system commissioned by the Basel-based pharmaceutical company has even set a solar world record as the “strongest and most elegant solar power façade”. The system is able to produce 95.7 per cent of the yield of the rooftop system.

Roche had to take numerous aspects into consideration during planning, including safety, building ventilation, sound insulation and reflection.

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