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Ascensia Diabetes Care simplifies insulin management

The Basel-based company Ascensia Diabetes Care is collaborating with the Finnish company Quattro Folia to connect Ascensia’s blood glucose monitoring system with Quattro Folia’s app.

The Contour Next One blood glucose monitoring system from Ascensia Diabetes Care accurately measures a person’s blood glucose levels. As part of a new technology collaboration with Quattro Folia, the measurement results will now be transmitted via Bluetooth to the Finnish company’s Balansio app. This will optimize insulin management for patients, writes Ascensia Diabetes Care in a statement.

A key feature of the Balansio app is an algorithm that determines the correct insulin dose, which works by using a glucose reading and by asking users what they plan to eat. The app can also automatically collect activity data to help users better understand how physical activity impacts the daily variation in blood glucose levels.

“This partnership is another step towards integrated diabetes management,” said Michael Kloss, CEO of Ascensia Diabetes Care. “By connecting our system to their highly effective insulin calculator, we are further achieving our goal of simplifying and improving the lives of people with diabetes.”


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