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Flags. (Img: Lonza)

Flags. (Img: Lonza)


Lonza acquires Micro-Macinazione

Following its successful acquisition of Capsgugel, Lonza has acquired Micro-Macinazione and intends to become a global leader in micronization. The Ticino-based company achieved a turnover of CHF 20 million last year.

“Micronization is an attractive technology for Lonza given its applications across many of the high growth areas of the pharma market”, commented Marc Funk, COO of Pharma&Biotech at Lonza, in a statement announcing the acquisition.

He added: “Micro-Macinazione provides micronization technology and expertise that complements our existing US capabilities and provides significant additional capacity to support our growth." These capabilities include the production capacity expansion of the Capsgugel site in Quakertown in Pennsylvania at the start of the year. 

Micronization enhances the bioavailability of drug products by reducing or controlling particle size. As a result, lower drug doses can be prescribed, potentially reducing a patient’s side effects.

Micro-Macinazione CEO Markus Arigoni described the company, which was founded in 1970, as a “pioneer in the development of jet mill equipment and contract micronization services”. 

He added that Lonza’s acquisition of his company, which moves “in a niche market with high growth expectations”, would “create a global leader with the ability to provide customers both in the US and Europe with access to the micronization technologies and manufacturing capabilities”.


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