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Data management. (Img: geralt/Pixabay)

Data management. (Img: geralt/Pixabay)


Infors AG opens up Big Data use

The laboratory supplier Infors AG has developed a software that facilitates the analysis of large volumes of data within the pharma and biotechnology sectors. eve meets European and American regulatory requirements.

Infors AG worked with Noser Engineering to develop eve, explained a swissmadesoftware article. Alongside the software, Infors develops incubation shakers and bioreactors.

These pieces of equipment create ideal growth conditions for microorganisms. Ongoing optimization of the environment facilitates continuous improvement of these conditions, but large volumes of process data must still be analysed.    

With eve, Infors has now created the software to support this process. Noser Engineering contributed its ElasticSearch database solution to the project, facilitating the creation of comprehensible reports from large volumes of data.   

“An experiment lasting several weeks can quickly generate millions of data points. No reporting engine can represent that easily. There just aren’t enough pixels to plot a chart with that many data points,” explained Dennis Alberti of Noser Engineering in the article.

ElasticSearch could solve the problem. The system charts every process within an experiment, thereby meeting regulatory requirements set by the Food and Drug Administration and the European Medicines Agency. “That allows us to provide full audit trails quickly,” said Eric Abellan, product manager at Infors AG.

He added: “In our work with Noser Engineering, we managed to create a completely new kind of solution. Right now, we’re the only ones offering that kind of functionality.”


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