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Reagenzglas (img: Shots Studio/shutterstock)

Reagenzglas (img: Shots Studio/shutterstock)


Evolva wins customer for new product

The ingredients manufacturer Evolva is now to supply Veri-te Resveratrol to the Swedish wellness company Nutrinovate. The product contains the ingredient resveratrol, which is reputed to promote healthy skin ageing.

Nutrinovate will use the pure resveratrol delivered by Evolva for its film strips, explained a statement. The strips enable functional ingredients to be delivered to the body through the inside of the cheek. Those that are enhanced with resveratrol will be marketed by Nutrinovate under the brand name Reserol.

“Evolva is very pleased that Veri-te was chosen as the source of resveratrol for these products. We are excited to be such a central part of this innovative product,” commented Evolva vice-president Angela Tsetsis in the statement.

Under the Veri-te brand, Evolva produces its resveratrol using an innovative yeast fermentation process. Resveratrol is found in several types of plants and helps protect the skin against environmental damage, according to Evolva.

Around 9,000 studies have been conducted into Resveratrol’s effect on humans. The clinical data suggests that resveratrol can aide in healthy ageing on a cellular level, explained the company from the canton of Basel-Landschaft.


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