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Clinerion develops data protection solution

The Basel-based startup Clinerion has filed an international patent application for its new data protection solution. The technology protects patient data within Clinerion’s Patient Recruitment System.

Clinerion developed the technology known as Anonymized Identification (ANID) to significantly reduce the risks associated with data protection, explained a statement.

The Basel-based company’s Patient Recruitment System (PRS) finds suitable candidates for clinical trials by aligning patient data from clinics and should give patients faster access to innovative treatments.  

Thanks to ANID, Clinerion can now base this data alignment fully on anonymized patient data. Trial employees require orderly authorization to have access to a patient's personal details.   

Because the new system involves a one-way data connection – from the hospital IT infrastructure to the locally hosted Clinerion server – information security is increased further.

“The privacy of the individual patient is paramount and patient data security is increasingly legislated,” commented Ulf Claesson, Clinerion CEO, in the statement.

“We are pleased to offer a solution which changes the game. At the same time, this revolutionary technology future-proofs Clinerion’s services for clinical trial patient recruitment and market access activities.”

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