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Number one in innovation: Roche.

Number one in innovation: Roche.


Roche is the most innovative company

Four of the fifteen most innovative Swiss companies come from Basel. The latest ranking from the marketing consulting firm HTP St.Gallen sees Roche unseat the watch manufacturer Swatch as the most innovative of them all.

HTP St.Gallen publishes the ranking of the most innovative Swiss companies every few years. According to an article in Bilanz, the pharmaceutical company Roche moved up from fifth place in 2012 to first place in 2017. In second and third place were the technology companies Logitech and Swisscom, which moved up from seventh and eighth respectively. Swatch, which had topped the list in 2012, came in fourth. With Novartis, another Basel-based pharmaceutical company made it into the top six, confirming its 2012 success when it came in third place.

Two other Basel-based companies made it into the top 15 this year: Actelion from Allschwil in the canton of Basel-Landschaft and Coop. Actelion, which was not even in the ranking in 2012, made a strong debut to come in thirteenth place, just behind the pharmaceutical company Ypsomed from Burgdorf in the canton of Bern. This is also Actelion’s last year in the ranking now that it has been acquired by Johnson & Johnson. The retailer Coop slipped three places but still managed to come in fourteenth.

"The companies that are regarded as the most innovative are those which understand innovation as a long-lasting process and orient the entire business toward it", said study head Stephan Feige from HTP St.Gallen, a spin-off of the University of St.Gallen (HSG).


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