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Drug discovery (img: motorolka_10/shutterstock)

Drug discovery (img: motorolka_10/shutterstock)


Polyneuron reaches milestone

The pharmaceutical company Polyneuron has obtained orphan drug designation from the European Medicines Agency for its PN-1007 compound. PN-1007 is a treatment for the autoimmune disease anti-MAG neuropathy.

Orphan drug designation is associated with support for development work and extended market exclusivity following approval, explained Polyneuron in a statement. The Basel-based start-up company described the grant of this designation from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) as a “key milestone”.

Anti-MAG neuropathy affects around 70,000 people worldwide, according to Patients with the disease suffer from sensory loss in their arms and legs, neuropathic pain and a loss of coordination. As the disease progresses, it damages the peripheral nerves.

PN-1007 fights the disease by neutralising the antibodies responsible for it. This approach means the compound has the potential to treat other autoimmune diseases that are caused by antibodies.

Polyneuron was founded as a spin-off from the University of Basel. The start-up company has developed a platform for developing medications that directly attack the disease-causing autoantibodies without damaging the immune system.


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