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Clinerion is partnering with Cisiv.

Clinerion is partnering with Cisiv.


Clinerion simplifies data collection

The Basel-based company Clinerion is partnering with the British company Cisiv to provide a platform that will make it easier to collect data for Clinerion’s patient recruitment system.

Cisiv has worked closely with leading pharmaceutical companies for over 10 years, leading to the development of the Baseline Plus platform. According to a statement, the platform makes data entry easy and intuitive for non-expert users and can be used for automated data transfer from electronic hospital records to electronic data capture.

The new partnership between Cisiv and Clinerion will reduce the data entry burden on medical staff using Clinerion’s clinical trial patient recruitment solution and make it easier to use. Its Patient Recruitment System (PRS) searches patient data from member hospitals, which improves the efficiency and effectiveness of finding suitable candidates for clinical trials. The system is being used by more and more hospitals worldwide, increasing the amount of patient data stored and raising the geographic coverage.  

By partnering together, the two companies intend to provide a platform that combines data capture and analysis with near real-time extraction, said Dominic Farmer, CEO of Cisiv.

“Offering new ways to simplify data collection for studies aligns perfectly with Clinerion’s overall goal of creating new efficiencies in the entire clinical trial process, saving time and costs in the development of new drugs and speeding up the delivery of new medicines to patients who need them,” said Ulf Claesson, CEO of Clinerion.

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