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Big data (img: kentoh/shutterstock)

Big data (img: kentoh/shutterstock)


AI to make data analysis more accessible

SMEs are often prevented from using business intelligence because of the high start-up costs. But a new configurator from Informatec could change this. The Basel-based software developer is collaborating with the FHNW to develop it.

The objective of the research collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences of North West Switzerland (FHNW) is to create a “self-service configurator” for business intelligence (BI) applications that covers many “industry- and company-specific needs”. This would help offset the high costs for companies, explains Informatec in a statement.

The digital consultant Smart Business Intelligence Cloud Configurator (SBICC) that it is developing incorporates artificial intelligence. Its algorithms allow it to learn from past projects and use knowledge and services that best fit the respective customer requirements. If the customer so wishes, a human consultant is also available to help the client individualise and optimise their specific solution.

Supported by the Federal Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI), the project will contribute to keeping business intelligence costs within an acceptable range for SMEs.

“The realisation of the SBICC in a research project in collaboration with the FHNW is a great opportunity for us and helps us to further effectively develop our individual standard BI platform and to bring it to the next level,” said Oliver Ruf, CTI project manager at Informatec.


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