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CABB CEO Peter Vanacker. (Img:

CABB CEO Peter Vanacker. (Img:


CABB inaugurates new plant in Pratteln - Chemical Production alive in Basel region!

It is a moment of celebration when a most modern production building with total costs of 55m CHF is officially inaugurated. And that is exactly what CABB did on Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016 on their production site in Pratteln. About 180 invited guests including member of the government of the canton Basellandschaft, Thomas Weber, were welcomed by Thomas Eizenhöfer, Head of Business Unit Custom Manufacturing and Peter Z.E. Vanacker, CEO of CABB Group GmbH.

"Heart" of the new process: electrolytic membrane cells. (Img:

The new chlorine-alkali electrolysis plant produces up to 47’000 tons of chlorine gas (Cl2) per year and 53’000 tonnes sodium hydroxide (NaOH) per year out of ordinary salt (NaCl) which comes directly from the Schweizer Salinen. The new membrane-based electrolysis process replaces the old so-called amalgam process which involved mercury. It uses not only 30% less electric energy which is equivalent to savings for 10’000 households, but the increased production eliminates also the transport of chlorine components and increases thereby the overall safety profile.

"Chlor, aber sicher…" - banner of CABB. (Img:

Motto of the event was “Chlor, aber sicher…” which in English means “chlorine, surely…” but also “chlorine, safely…”. And safety of the processes and the production was a major topic of the event, due to some incidents during the last weeks, notably not in the new production plant! The guests were curious and they could visit the production building itself which was already running under 70% capacity. Safety measurements were impressive. The building is not only designed to withstand earthquakes, but 1’000 measurement points indicate every kind of malfunction and the building itself is a containment too. Christine Sutter, the project leader of this impressive modernisation explained everything in detail.

In his opening speech including member of the government of the canton Basellandschaft Thomas Weber was referring to the provocative question “Is the chemical industry dead…” during a past event in the Infrapark Baselland. The answer seems to be very clear. The chemical industry is not only “not dead”, it seems to be vitally alive and committed to operate successfully many more years.

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CABB is a globally active fine and speciality chemicals company with some 1,000 employees and six plants in four countries of Europe (including Switzerland) and Asia. Working hand in hand with leading agrochemical and pharmaceutical companies, CABB develops customised precursors and intermediates.

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