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(Img: klare82/Pixabay)

(Img: klare82/Pixabay)


1st Swiss Industrial Chemistry Symposium 2016 in Basel

The Swiss Industrial Chemistry Symposium (SICS) is a new, one day symposium with lectures, short talks and a panel discussions of industrial chemists working in R&D in Switzerland. It will take place on 28th October 2016 at the Department of Chemistry of University of Basel (Grosser Hörsaal OC, St. Johanns-Ring 19).

According to the organizing committee, the symposium offers a unique platform for industrial scientists, working in research and process research, to present their latest results, to interact with each other and to network with professors, PhD students and other scientific staff of Swiss universities. Additionally, the participants awaits an extended poster session with presentations from industry (20%) and academy (80%).

The number of participants is limited to a total of 250 whereof 150 are reserved for industrial researchers. The registration is free of cost but mandatory until 21st October 2016.

Free registration for SICS 2016

Website with more information on SICS 2016

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