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Sébastien Meunier

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Power-Blox. (Img: Power-Blox AG)

Power-Blox. (Img: Power-Blox AG)


Energy storage with swarm intelligence

Laufenburg AG – Power-Blox AG utilises the swarm principle to assemble portable batteries intelligent into cube-like energy units that store electricity. These are especially suitable for off-grid regions. Production has now begun in the Fricktal region in the canton of Aargau.

Photovoltaics have revolutionised energy supply in off-grid regions with plenty of sunshine. But there’s a catch: the electricity has to be stored somehow. Power-Blox, which is headquartered in Laufenburg in the canton of Aargau, offers a simple and scalable solution: it develops cube-shaped energy units that can be used as standalone units or stacked and combined in any number to get more energy and power and increase the stability of the mini-grid. Each energy unit has a storage capacity of 1.2 kilowatt hours, enough to provide light for five to ten households.

According to COO Alain Schilli, production has now begun in the Fricktal region in the canton of Aargau. The electronics come from Innosystem  in Zeiningen and the housing from Utz in Bremgarten, both of which are in Aargau. The units can now be pre-ordered on the company’s website.

Power-Blox will initially launch its energy units in Kenya, Tanzania and Nepal as pilot markets, said Schilli, with the Philippines and Indonesia also named as potential markets. But any country without a nationwide grid could benefit from the energy units, such as those in the Sub-Sahara or in parts of Asia. The storage system is particularly well suited to small businesses, hospitals and schools. Delivery of the first certified storage systems is scheduled for November.

Until now, Power-Blox has been supported by private individuals. The company is now in talks with the first investors, said Schilli. stk


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