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x-ray simulation (Img: Timm Weitkamp/talk)

x-ray simulation (Img: Timm Weitkamp/talk)


Basel researchers control quantum states

Basel - Physicists at the University of Basel have made a significant contribution to research into quantum states. Quantum technologies, which could lead to powerful quantum computers, depend on the scientists’ finding.

Measurement can modify quantum states, explained the University of Basel in a statement. It is therefore difficult to take precise measurements. However, science requires a precise understanding of the interactions between different states of electrons.   

Researchers at the Department of Physics and Swiss Nanoscience, in partnership with colleagues from Sweden, Germany and Spain, have now developed a method that controls quantum states and allows them to be studied. The scientists used a so-called quantum box, an artificially produced structure that restricts a particle’s movement to only two dimensions. They then separated individual atoms from the quantum box using scanning tunnelling microscopy, which allowed the quantum states to be specifically altered.   

Because this method allows the specifically generated quantum states to be reproduced, the interactions between the elements can be examined – something that has so far not been possible due to the difficulties of measuring the states. This finding is vital for quantum technology. 

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