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DayOne Lab talk with IBM: «A view from the frontier of Cognitive Computing and AI in drug discovery»



The remarkable successes in cognitive computing and AI including IBM Watson’s performance on Jeopardy in 2012 released a flood of interest in the field. Researchers around the globe have since then developed and applied new, and rediscovered older methods to problems across many fields, including drug discovery.

Whilst the early hype is slowly fading, machine learning and cognitive computing techniques are now helping to solve real and demanding problems as examples given in the session will show. This will include the integration of various private and public data sources, predictive modelling of compound success and smarter set-up of clinical studies.

This DayOne Lab talk with two of the leading data scientists from IBM is a chance for researchers in pharma and life sciences to understand these novel methods, to assess where they can complement their existing toolbox and help them leap forward.

Both speakers work at the forefront of the application of AI in healthcare. Scott Spangler, a data scientist for over 30 years, was one of the co-developers of the pharma research applications for the Watson super computer with numerous publications. Maria Martinez, a technical leader in systems biology in the IBM Research Center in Rüschlikon, develops AI, NLP and cognitive techniques which she has applied to predictive models for precision medicine and optimal therapeutic recommendation.

The event, held on July 20th, 2018, will take place at the Hotel Stücki, Raum Saturn 1 + 2,  Badenstrasse 1, CH-4019 Basel, starting from 09:30 a.m. (Welcome and door opening 09:00).



Welcome coffee and door opening


Douglas Haggstrom, DayOne Lab


AI approaches in healthcare – targeting precise and personalized medicine
Maria Rodriguez Martinez, IBM Research Center, Rüschlikon, Switzerland


Cognitive computing for drug discovery
W. Scott Spangler, IBM Watson Research Center, Almaden, California


Q&A – joint session with both speakers


Networking lunch



We look forward to your participation.

Registration by 18th July is compulsory.

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