Category: Supporting Entrepreneurs

Place: Startup Academy, Picassoplatz 4, 4052 Basel

Rahel Schneider

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Rahel Schneider

Manager Real Estate & Entrepreneurship

Tel. +41 61 295 50 07

event Supporting Entrepreneurs


Workshop Pitching




As an entrepreneur, pitching is crucial. However, the right techniques have to be trained first. Participants of the pitching workshop of in collaboration with Startup Academy gain deep insights in the art of pitching and learn the necessary skills to sell their business idea successfully.

The participants

  • learn how to present (pitch) their business idea concisely and in a meaningful and interesting manner
  • get to know the minimal standards of presenting and what has to be considered non-verbally
  • identify the relevant aspects of their business idea for their target audience
  • present their business idea in front of an audience
  • receive feedback and evaluate themselves as well as their colleagues

When: Wednesday, 13 June 2018 - 16:00 - 20:00
Where: Startup Academy, Picassoplatz 4, 4052 Basel
This workshop is free of charge for startups from the Basel region. The number of participants is limited. Interested parties please apply to rahel.notexisting@nodomain.comschneider@baselarea.notexisting@nodomain.comswiss, shortly presenting their business idea and motivation for participating.

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