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BaselOne 2019

Wir freuen uns über Vorträge, Erfahrungsberichte und Workshop-Vorschläge zu aktuellen Entwicklungsthemen aus den Bereichen: Architektur und Sicherheit, Build Tools, Enterprise Java und Frameworks, Frontend und Mobile Computing, IoT und Embedded, Methodik und Praxis, Teal, Holacracy und New Work, Business Themen - aus der Praxis und was immer die Region Basel bewegt und bewegen könnte... Zum Call for Papers.


Swiss-Chinese Life Sciences Forum 2019

This event has successfully fostered the relationship between Life Sciences communities in Switzerland and China in the past two years and continues to be the key Sino-Swiss life sciences event. This year's Forum features four key note speakers tackling various topics focusing on the future of healthcare. In fact, digitalization is taking all industries by storm and even healthcare will be world dominated by data and controlled by individual patients.

How do we get there? What has already been done? What are the most promising applications and what are the biggest challenges? How do we meet the growing demand for digital health talents? How is the industry affected by new players from non-healthcare technology fields? How to make health data useful and applicable (standardization, etc.)? How can personal information be protected?

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MPP2019: The Medtech & Pharma Platform’s 6th Annual Conference in Basel

The annual MPP conference, organized by the Medtech & Pharma Platform industry association, brings together experts from the pharmaceutical and medtech industries, research institutes, health authorities, Notified Bodies and others. The event will highlight product innovations and trends at the intersection of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and In Vitro Diagnostics (IVDs), while providing networking and partnering opportunities to establish new business collaborations.

MPP2019 will explore the challenges and opportunities of pharma and medtech innovation in times of societal, technological and regulatory shifts. The conference features sessions addressing topics such as new regulations and their implications, next-generation technologies, software as a medical device, digital health, open innovation within ecosystems, precision medicines and the patient perspective.

Take this opportunity and be a part of shaping innovative health solutions for the future.

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Swissbiolabs Community Event Insights & Inspiration

Get inspired by the key note presentations and meet interesting people during the networking session. Insights & Inspiration Swissbiolabs is an incubator programme in the field of diagnostics. It’s providing support for start-ups and helping them get connected in the industry. Programme:
• «What makes a start-up attractive for investors?» 
• «Learnings of a start-up» 
• Networking

Register until October 21st, 2019:



Nano-Tech Apero

Information and networking event with Nano-Argovia partners. Invitation to the Nano-Tech Apéro 16.00-18.30 Lectures followed by aperitif and poster session.

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Research Event @ School of Life Sciences

Second research event at the new FHNW Campus Muttenz. This is the perfect chance to find out more about a selection of the prestigious research projects, get a guided tour of the labs and enjoy lively discussions at the apéro. Keynote speaker Prof. dr. Martin Kuentz from the Institute for Pharmaceutical Technology will discuss "Computational and molecular modeling approaches in pharmaceutical technology". Further talks will be presented on applied research in life sciences, covering medical engineering, medical informatics, environmental sciences as well as chemistry and bioanalytics.

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OpenTox Euro 2019

IATAs (integrated approaches to testing and assessment) that support risk and safety assessment will be the focus of our Euro 2019 conference to be held in Basel, Switzerland. Topics will include 3Rs and acceptance of new methods, AOPS, risk assessment, natural products, in silico modeling, and in vitro methods. We will also offer a workshop on Risk Assessment in Product Design on October 29. The OpenTox Swiss Local Chapter organized this year's workshop and conference. The event will take place at TechnologiePark Basel.  Please submit an abstract if you would like to present a poster at the event.

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02. - 03.11.2019

BaselHack – The Third!

All good things come in threes! At least so to say – we are on to BaselHack Edition 3. Get your calendars out: it will take place on the weekend of 2. and 2. November 2019. On top of this, we will see you in our new home at the newly inaugurated Impact Hub Basel location.

Are you ready to let yourself be inspired again? We are very much looking forward to demonstration the innovation power, creativity and digital competence we bring to the region - having fun along the way.

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CSEM Business Day—Deep Tech in the Digital Space

Join CSEM’s Business Day 2019, as they welcome those navigating the opportunities and investments that Deep Tech is creating. Mastering digital, precision, miniaturization and low-power consumption technologies, CSEM is helping companies go from lab to success by unlocking their Deep Tech potential. Sign up Today! and join CSEM for a day at the edge of innovation.

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19. - 20.11.2019

BE4.0 Industries du Futur

BE 4.0 c’est

  • la mise en lumière de l’excellence opérationnelle et de la créativité de 270 offreurs de solution de France, d’Allemagne et de Suisse  !
  • la rencontre avec des industriels et experts européens de la transformation 4.0. au travers de conférences, tables rondes, retour d’expériences.
  • la présence des acteurs du Grand Est qui conseillent et accompagnent les entreprises vers leur transition 4.0, le soutien des promoteurs du 4.0 en France, au Bade-Würtemberg et en Suisse.

Le salon


Switzerland-Taiwan Medtech Leader’s Forum

Following the successful biotech leader’s forum in Taipei last year, ETBA is hosting this year the Switzerland-Taiwan Medtech Leader’s Forum in Basel, Switzerland to facilitate the business collaboration between Taiwan and Switzerland. With a special focus on Medtech industry, this half-day forum will start with two inspiring keynote speakers Dr. Brian Chen and Mr. Jörg Baumann who will give an overview of the local industry landscape, in both Taiwan and Switzerland, before moving to more focused presentations which will cover the Medical Device Regulation (MDR), AI in life science, and business collaboration between these two countries. This event is, above all, a great opportunity to expand business network and develop international business activities between Switzerland and Taiwan. 




FutureHealth Basel 2020

The great innovative power of the life sciences and medtech sectors with new technologies and treatments perform medical “miracles”, but are often extremely complex and expensive, ever more often leading to questions about what a human life is “worth”. Can we afford modern treatment and, if yes, for whom? How can we promote the smooth flow of data and information without at the same time negatively impacting our privacy? Who is interested in our health and how can all players be inspired to pull together?  These and other questions will be addressed by the speakers of FutureHealth Basel 2020.

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