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BioValley Companies Day 2020

The trinational BioValley Market Place for business contacts
BioValley Deutschland e.V. offers with the BioValley Companies Day a unique
opportunity for the presentation of your company to a broad audience. It is open
to Life Sciences companies and it‘s service providers. The conference language is English. The fees include lunch and coffee during the breaks.



03.04 - 05.04.2020

Online Hackathon - Versus Virus

48 Stunden. Du und potentiell 8 Millionen andere. Die Covid-19 Krise in der Schweiz. In Europa. Weltweit. Wir halten zusammen - online. Wir finden Lösungen! Sei mit deinen Fähigkeiten dabei, um jetzt den Herausforderungen entgegenzutreten - egal was dein Background ist.



Digitalgipfel 2020 – Wirtschaft 4.0 BW

Die zentrale Jahresveranstaltung der Initiative Wirtschaft 4.0 zum Thema Digitalisierung geht in die nächste Runde. Das Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Wohnungsbau Baden-Württemberg lädt Sie deshalb zum Digitalgipfel 2020 – Wirtschaft 4.0 BW ein, um Sie auf Ihrem Weg in die Digitalisierung zu unterstützen.

Melden Sie sich.


06. -10.07.2020

Medical Robotics Week 2020 / Uni Basel und ETH Zürich Kongress

First Medical Robotics Week in Basel!

First time that that the field of robotics and the field of medicine in the Basel area are connected. The participants will be able to experience the spirit of the CYBATHLON, a competition and platform to drive forward research and development of assistance systems for everyday use.



Startup Europe Summit and startup Summit 2020

Join BW at Startup Europe Summit and Start-up BW Summit 2020. Find out more about the international start-up scene, current trends, technologies and funding at the Europe Summit and present yourself, exchange ideas, find partners as well as experience the start-up culture live and get inspired. 

Registration and more information here



4à6 @ Pibor ISO SA

Join the BioAlps community for the 4à6 @ Pibor ISO SA. BioAlps’ 4à6 are a series of events organised in each of the 7 cantons of western Switzerland and are a perfect opportunity to visit some of the major regional actors in the biotech, medtech, pharma and digital health fields. (The event’s official language is French.)

Learn more and registere here

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