Antje Minkner

Start-up advisory service

Antje Minkner is the owner of the Minkner Lösungswege GmbH trust and consulting company. Since 2009, she has been the (formerly BaselArea) specialist responsible for dealing with enquiries from potential start-up companies from Switzerland and abroad.

In addition to acting as consultant to a variety of SMEs, she works as a coach in the field of "occupational integration" for the City of Basel, for municipalities, and for the Verein Kiebitz sport rehabilitation club.  She has the task of carrying out the "reality check" on Startup Academy candidates on behalf of

She was previously Financial Administrator for the municipality of Rodersdorf, after a period as a teacher of business subjects at the NSH Bildungszentrum in Basel. Her own experience of start-ups includes being the co-owner of the Zentrum für Umweltberatung environmental consultancy and the owner of the Ökoladen health food business. Prior to that, she was a financial analyst for the Pacific region at the Swiss Bank Corporation.

After gaining a licentiate degree in economics and sociology at the University of Basel in 1982, she completed professional development courses in the fields of community affairs and coaching.

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